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Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze

ul. Senatorska 11
00-075 Warszawa
tel.: 22 826 22 51
faks.: 22 826 25 05

Jednostki organizacyjne PTTK:

Centrum Turystyki Wodnej PTTK

ul. Kasprowicza 40
01-871 Warszawa
tel.: 22 254 85 95
faks: 22 258 64 36

Mazury PTTK Sp. z o.o.

ul. Staromiejska 1
10-950 Olsztyn
tel.: 89 527 51 56
faks: 89 527 51 56


The Polish Tourist and Sightseeng Society is the oldest Polish association affiliating tourists and excursionists.

It was established in 1950 by uniting the Polish Tatra Mountains Society existing since 1873 and the Polish Sighseeng Society existing since 1906 and is the successor of their traditions, as well as material and spiritual achievements, so it cultivates them and creatively develops.


PTTK associates over 70000 members, operating in 2800 circles and clubs, which make up 320 divisions – field departments with legal personality.

An important role in the life of the Society is performed by specialized organizational units of PTTK:

- The Mountain Tourism Centre of PTTK, which gathers and makes available maps, books and informational material about mountains.

- The K. Kulwiec Central  Library in Warsaw has at its disposal 53 thousand vol.

- The PTTK Centre of Photography is dedicated to promoting tourist photography and gathering photographic documentation.

-The National Centre for Underwater Training KDP PTTK is committed to educating staff for the needs of underwater  tourism.

- Water Tourism Center, supporting the development of PTTK infrastructure for the needs of water tourism.

- 15 Regional PTTK Museums document the history and tradition of the tourist and  sighseeng movement.

- 25 Regional PTTK Regional Centers of Sightseeng assist in preserving, promoting and

developing regional cultures.

-PTTK Mountain Tourism Culture Centres conduct educational activities and propagate tourist trail etiquette.


The Polish Tourist and Sightseeng Society cooperates with numerous foreign organizations, including:

EWV Europaische Wandervereinigung or the European Ramblers Association, in cooperation with which, among others, we mark up trans-European hiking trails.

CMAS Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques, World Underwater Federation thanks to which our certificates are accepted all over the world.

EUCT European Union of Cycle Touring, in cooperation with which we organize European Weeks of Cycle Tourism;

EUROPARC Federation Federation of Naturę and National Parks of Europe;

Joint projects are organized within the frameworks of international cooperation, such as „Eurorando" or „Landscape of the year" action.



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