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Mission Study Tour

2. edition of the Mission Study Tour

The idea of the Mission

The Mission Study Tour is part of the Brand Program supporting the 12 most promising and innovative sectors of the Polish economy including the yachting industry. After many years of building a strong position on the European market, Polish companies are currently expanding into non-EU markets - Russia, the UAE, the United States, China and Australia. The Polish government supports these pro-export activities in several ways. In addition to the Mission Study Tour, Polish national stands are also organized at the most important foreign fairs, where visitors can get detailed information about interesting companies from the yacht industry in Poland. Furthermore, a 360-degree film was created to effectively present Polish yachts and motor boats, both on water and during the production process. The Brand Program has been created and founded by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency PAIH, closely cooperating with the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports - POLBOAT.

We cordially invite representatives of the yachting industry from the United States of America and China to participate to the Mission Study Tour 2019 that will take place between 18 -20 July 2019 in Port Marina Gdynia in Gdynia, Poland.

The Program of the Mission 2019

As in 2018, this year's WIND and WATER on water show will be an exceptional edition: the potential of the Polish yachting industry will be again explored by the participants of the Mission Study Tour – potential business partners and journalists from the yacht and boat industry from the USA and China. During the 1st edition, we have hosted the Russian Federation and the United Arab Emirates. Our special guests from abroad will participate in tests of representative Polish vessels. Among the units selected for testing will be:

  • NFun 30,
  • Maxus 24 evo,
  • Caravela 950 - a special model on which Polish sailor Rafał Moszczyński will organize a lonely cruise around the world,
  • Balt Tytan 918 – the world premiere took place at the Warsaw International WIND and WATER Boat Show between February 28 – March 3, 2019,
  • Parker 110 Monaco - the winner of the award Best of Boats at the Berlin Fair and the Yacht of the Year in Poland 2019,
  • Parker 850 Voyager,
  • Futura 36,
  • Northman 1200,
  • Emzi 767 Classic,
  • Diamond 550

These unique, innovative units representing the newest technology and perfect nautical properties, will definitely guarantee  an unforgettable experience for our guests. As part of the Mission, numerous business meetings will take place with industry representatives, boat and yachts constructors and champions of water sports from Poland, among them Sebastian Nietupski - President of POLBOAT, Jacek Oryl – Director of the WIND and WATER Boat Show and CEO of Murator EXPO, and Captain Joanna Pajkowska who recently completed a solo cruise around the world.

Furthermore, during the Mission Study Tour a press conference titled "The strength and potential of the Polish yacht industry. Elements of the government's industry support program on foreign markets" will be organized for Polish local as well as nationwide media. The press conference will be dedicated to the achievements of the Polish yachingt industry, the position of Poland in the overall European yachting industry, as well as the Industry Promotion Program - Brand for the Polish yacht and boat sector.

Mission participants will get an opportunity to visit Polish shipyards. During the 1. edition we have invited our guests to the Conrad shipyard, Techno Marine, Sail Service, which for over 30 years has been cooperating not only with Polish producers, but also with leading shipyards from Europe. Additionally, our guests were also invited to the Green Dream Boats shipyard, which manufactures Solliner solar catamarans.

The goal of the Mission is to promote the Polish yachting industry abroad - Polish top quality final products. By providing interesting and comprehensive information about Polish companies, their history and rich product offer to our guests, we aim at establishing strong business relationships with our foreign guests as well as promoting Polish yachting industry abroad

About the Polish yachting industry

The Polish market is a significant part of the global market, especially in the most popular segment of motor yachts from 6 to 9 m in length with outboard engines. In this area Poland is the European leader and the second producer in the world after the USA. This type of Polish boats and sailing yachts is the strength of our industry. Furthermore, Poland is a manufacturer of luxury motor yachts with a length of over 9 m and world-renowned luxury, personalized catamarans – a prominent symbol of the industry. The Polish yacht industry is represented by 1,000 companies with approx. 40,000 employees. The annual potential of Polish shipyards is estimated at 22,000 units.

Mission Study Tour held during the WIND and WATER Boat Show on water in Gdynia

The 2. Mission Study Tour will be held simultaneously to the WIND and WATER on water in Marina Gdynia,  the Boat Show organized by YACHT EXPO and Murator EXPO, in partnership with the ŻAGLE Magazine. Gdynia is the strategic partner of the Fair - Żeglarska Stolica Polski. Over 120 vessels will be exhibited, and in the tent halls set on the quay, a huge variety of sailing and motor boating accessories, navigation instruments, safety and rescue equipment, as well as tourists and sports clothing will be presented. A visit to the Boat Show will be also a unique opportunity to meet great sailors. In total, nearly 130 companies will present their rich offer at the Fair.

Join us and participate in the 2. edition of the Mission Study Tour that will take place between 18-20 July, 2019 in Marina Port in Gdynia.




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